Computational Research and Data Management

Support of Research Computing is the primary purpose of GRIT. We are a creative "Can Do" shop and offer a wide range of services and solutions for your computational research and data needs.

 Data Storage

 Scientific Computing

 Custom Solutions

The GRIT team has a long history and proven track record supporting computationally intensive research. We consider Research IT the core of what we do and can assist with and, in some cases, actively participate in your research.

 Research Computing Services

Some services that we frequently provide include:

  •  Advice on computational resources and equipment purchases.
  •  Coordination with equipment vendors.
  •  Initial system/network design and setup.
  •  Research data storage
    •  Online active storage for labs and lab members.
    •  Data ingestion and cloud storage.
    •  Commodity/bulk storage.
    •  Backups
 Computational Research and Data.
  •  HPC systems (FatNodes) including:
  •  Hammer: 48 2.1GHz AMD CPU cores, 128GB of RAM, and 7TB of local scratch disk.
  •  Tong - 32 2.2GHz Intel CPU cores, 256GB of RAM and 8TB of local scratch disk.
  •  Forge - 28 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6132 CPU @ 2.60GHz cores, 512GB of RAM and 7T local SSD scratch storage.
  •  Anvil - 32 2.3GHz Intel CPU cores, 512GB of RAM and just over 11TB of local scratch disk.
  •  Bellows- 96 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 9242 CPU @ 2.30GHz cores, 1536GB of RAM and 14T local NVMe scratch storage.
  •  Tana(GPU) -  Two GTX 1080 Ti Blower Cooled GPU, 4 3.5GHz Intel CPU cores, 128Gb of RAM, 1TB of local SSD and 4TB of local scratch space
  •  Biscuit (GPU/Windows).
  •  Data sharing and curation.
  •  Digital communications (email accounts, lists).
  •  Systems troubleshooting and repair.

 Become a Partner

GRIT takes a broad and inclusive approach to Research IT, and we want to be your partner in developing and supporting your IT needs. Please contact us at any time during your research process if you are having a problem or see an opportunity to use technology to improve your work.

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